About Us

KOL ACCESS™ is hired by oncology and hematology pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic companies who are seeking an in-depth understanding of the objective and detailed opinions and perspectives of specific Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) about certain anti-cancer drugs, tests and procedures. These KOLs interviewed are usually oncologists and hematologists, but they can also include KOL cancer nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists and other allied healthcare professionals.

We have exceptional access to the most important oncology and hematology KOLs worldwide. Our unique relationships with these KOLs enables us to conduct private, one-hour interviews with them. These interviews are usually live “one-on-one” interviews (to include one of our interviewers and one KOL). But KOL interviews can also be arranged to include one person from the client pharmaceutical company for live personal interviews, or, to include one or more client company executives for live telephone KOL interviews.

During the past three decades our company has established very strong working relationships with the most important oncology and hematology KOLs in virtually every major country. We can interview more than 95% of the KOLs you want. We can also select the KOLs for you. Our unique rapport with, and access to, these oncology and hematology KOLs enables us to conduct personal interviews for many different reasons that are of great interest to cancer pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic companies such as yours. Most often, client companies need or want to understand how the KOLs perceive your anti-cancer drug or diagnostic test, and especially vis-à-vis your competition, in an unbiased, detailed and objective format. We cannot over-stress how much strategically important information these KOL interviews provide you. Our KOL interview information is invaluable to executives such as yourself in Marketing, Medical Affairs, R&D, Marketing Research, Strategic Development and Planning, Competitive Analyses, and other key departments in your company. The majority of our client companies have found KOL ACCESS interviews to be extremely useful for marketing and promotional strategy development, competitive intelligence, and clinical trial design. In many cases, companies such as yours have re-designed clinical trials, marketing strategies, positioning and other programs to develop or strengthen your competitive advantages.

We provide client cancer companies like yours with KOL information that is extremely valuable and difficult to obtain. This is because during our KOL ACCESS interviews we do not disclose the client company’s name, nor do we disclose the oncology or hematology drug or diagnostic test until the very end of the interview, if you desire. During the past 25-plus years of our business, our proprietary KOL ACCESS interview techniques have proven to cause oncology and hematology KOLs to provide detailed and in-depth objective information that is of significant strategic importance to you and your company, and that is information that is mostly not obtainable from your KOL Advisory Boards.

Typically, our live KOL ACCESS interviews are conducted at the major oncology/hematology conferences such as the annual meetings of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the American Society of Hematology, the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium Meeting, and the various European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) Meetings and Asian-ESMO meetings, and several others where we secure a private suite for the interviews either at the conference headquarters hotel or the conference center itself to help ensure between a 95% and 100% KOL participation in the interviews you desire. We schedule one-hour time slots for live KOLs interviews during each major cancer conference. Our one-hour KOL ACCESS interviews at major cancer conferences are available on a first-come, first-served basis starting the day before the cancer conference begins. The time slots are available from 7AM until 7PM each day. So, if you are interested, please contact us early before the KOL time slots are all taken.

Please feel free to “Contact Us” for more details about the KOLs you want us to interview for you, and, for references from our client oncology/hematology companies who have been very satisfied with our KOL ACCESS interviews. You can reach us by using the “Contact Us” button at the top of this Website home page. We will get back to you within 24 hours.