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  • KOL ACCESS™ are live individual, Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Interviews with the most important and world’s-leading academic KOLs in oncology and hematology therapy and diagnostics. KOL ACCESS provides in-depth, strategic intelligence necessary for optimal commercialization of your anti-cancer drug or diagnostic.
  • KOL ACCESS INTERVIEWS are conducted in any country. KOL ACCESS is global access.
  • KOL ACCESS INTERVIEWS are conducted without revealing the sponsoring pharmaceutical or diagnostic company. This helps secure the most possible unbiased and detailed information.
  • KOL ACCESS INTERVIEWS are “one-on-one” personal sessions with a KOL; these are most always conducted in a private hotel suite located in the headquarters hotel at a major cancer meeting such as at ASCO, ASH, San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium and the annual World Lung Cancer Conferences of the IASLC, e.g., September 7-10, 2019 in Barcelona, Spain.
  • KOL ACCESS INTERVIEWS are conducted at major cancer meetings globally, e.g., ASCO, ASH, SABCS, and most others in America, Europe and Asia. This means that they are cost-effective and can be arranged on relatively short notice.
  • All KOL ACCESS INTERVIEWS are digitally recorded and transcribed. They may also be video recorded if desired at an extra charge. If desired by the client company, short PowerPoint® Slides about the topic may be used as part of the initial 15 minutes of the interview.
  • The KOL ACCESS INTERVIEWS are conducted by one of our expert interviewers. We use our proprietary interview methodology that has been proven to be highly successful since we began in 2004. Our pharmaceutical industry customers have all been extremely satisfied. We develop and use a customized structured interview guide with specific questions and use our propriety techniques in order to obtain the information you want and need from the KOLs.
  • KOL ACCESS INTERVIEW guides are customized for you, and/or, with your involvement, usually as desired. However, we can and often develop the interview guides without or with minimal input from client companies that are new to oncology/hematology.
  • KOL ACCESS INTERVIEWS are conducted by highly-experienced pharmaceutical experts who are very knowledgeable in all malignancies, and related diagnostics and laboratory testing. Each of our interviewers have a comprehensive command of the science and the marketplace of oncology/ and hematology therapeutics and diagnostics, with decades of experience as industry executives, including pharmaceutical, continuing education, and promotional companies.
  • KOL ACCESS uses true expert interviewers. Each has strong personal rapport with KOLs worldwide. The KOLs know and trust us. Thus, we have unparalleled rapport with the KOLs and when we invite the KOLs, we average between a 95% and 100% success rate of acceptance and participation. That means you get the KOLs you want and need to understand your product or diagnostic test vis-à-vis the competition in the marketplace. Many somewhat similar companies like ours claim to know the KOLs, but we have strong relationships with the KOLs and do recruit them for you.

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  • Anyone who NEEDS or WANTS to know the how KOLs truly view their drug(s) or test(s) in the real world vis-à-vis the competition, without the inherent bias associated with knowing the pharmaceutical or diagnostic company sponsor paying for the interview.
  • Anyone who wants to the more about the emerging competitive anti-cancer drugs or tests in the various company pipelines
  • R&D executives designing clinical trials.
  • Marketing executives devising marketing, promotional tactics and programs and sales strategies or specific anti-competitive strategies.
  • Marketing Research executives.
  • Medical Affairs executives who need information quickly to be able to respond the general community oncologists and hematologists.
  • Executives in new and/or emerging biotechnology companies who quickly want to identify and know the KOLs who are most important to their business.
  • Executives who are new to a specific anti-cancer drug, malignancy or subset who quickly want to identify and know the KOLs who are most important to their business.
  • MSLs, and especially new MSLs who want to know what their KOLs believe about all drugs and tests in a particular class or subset.

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  • Un-edited, one-hour, digital audio recordings (Mp3 Audio files)
  • Typed transcripts edited for accuracy (as a Word Document)
  • OPTIONAL (no charge) list of who each KOL considers as his/her top 10 or more KOL peers
  • OPTIONAL (free only if video recording is purchased: unedited digital video recordings
  • OPTIONAL analysis of interview findings (customized affects cost)
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  • TELEPHONE INTERVIEWS by KOL ACCESS are available throughout the year. In telephone interviews the client or sponsoring company may listen into the live interviews, but cannot participate. Telephone interviews typically are preferred versus live KOL ACCESS INTERVIEWS because they cost the same as live interviews, and, take longer to schedule and arrange. In addition, we believe that not being face-to-face in a live interview impedes the opportunity of our expert interviewers to read the body language of the KOLs and ask more clarifying and follow-up questions.
  • FOCUS GROUPS by KOL ACCESS conducts focus groups on a limited basis only because we believe the value and benefits of KOL ACCESS INTERVIEWS far outweigh any group advisory or focus group sessions.
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Competitive Advantage
  • ADVANTAGES of Traditional Advisory Boards:
    • Traditional Advisory Boards have valuable roles in the commercialization of your products.
    • Opportunities to meet face-to-face with KOLs and to ask questions of the KOLs.
    • Opportunities to introduce yourselves to KOLs, especially at a meal Advisory Board.
    • Opportunities to establish rapport, but not always with sufficient quality time.
    • Ability to personally present and ask questions about your clinical trial(s) or product(s) with KOLs.
    • Ability to ask follow-up and clarification questions with KOLs.
  • LIMITATIONS of Traditional Advisory Boards:
    • Some KOLs may be reluctant to provide negative feedback for fear of not being invited back for future Advisory Boards.
    • Limited time for each KOL to speak and present his/her ideas and respond to questions. For example, in a typical 90-minute Traditional Advisory Board with 8 KOLs, usually beginning with a presentation by the sponsoring company, that equates to approximately only 11 minutes of “talk time” or feedback from each KOL. How cost effective is that?
    • Because of group dynamics such as competition and the “real-world” hierarchy of the KOLs on your advisory board, some relatively senior KOLs often dominate the communication flow, while some relatively junior KOLs may be reluctant to speak openly and candidly Some KOLs, regardless of their level of prestige, are often reluctant to suggest or recommend information at an advisory board, such as opinions about a clinical trial design, or drug, or diagnostic test because they want to keep an idea for themselves for later discussion with you, or, they may be reluctant to completely share their opinions for any of a number of reasons.
    • It is often difficult and time consuming to arrange and schedule Advisory Boards, especially for pharmaceutical or diagnostic companies who are new or relatively new to oncology/hematology.
    • Many pharmaceutical companies require signing of non-disclosure agreements with KOLs which may limit KOL feedback.
    • Recruitment rates for Traditional Advisory Boards are usually lower than the approximate 95% of KOL ACCESS INTERVIEWS for any of a number of reasons.
  • KOL ACCESS INTERVIEWS: produce much 60 minutes of time with each KOLs and thus, higher quality data per KOL.
  • KOL ACCESS INTERVIEWS often supplement Traditional Advisory Boards, or vice-versa.
  • KOL ACCESS INTERVIEWS are usually conducted before conducting Traditional Advisory Boards in order to establish a “baseline” for each KOL’s perspectives on drugs, clinical trials and diagnostics which may not be disclosed during Traditional Advisory Boards.
  • KOL ACCESS INTERVIEWS are a valuable supplement to MSL information because KOL ACCESS Interviews do not reveal the drug or diagnostic company.
  • Our KOL ACCESS expert Interviewers have extensive experience conducting Traditional Advisory Boards. As executives within oncology/hematology pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies; as hired commercial promotional agencies; and on occasion, via KOL ACCESS ADVISORY BOARDS.
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